Closers reopens the Gremory Science Facility in latest event


Players of the action MMO Closers are being asked to help a scientist lady who wears an oversized lab coat, a hoodie for a dress, and has a penchant for using teddy bears in her lab’s design. If none of those things raise red flags, then you’ve got a returning event to check out. Ignore your survival instincts. Go nuts.

The Gremory Science Facility is back once more, this time with some tweaks to the PNA system that simplifies gene names and ramps up PNA success rates along with a PNA Armor system reorganization. The event is also offering up 15 days’ worth of login goodies like boost items and special gift boxes that are stuffed with a wide variety of Gremory Science-related materials. The event is available between now and Wednesday, October 20th, so if you have no scruples helping an anime mad scientist, have fun out there.


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