War Thunder’s Direct Hit update adds new vehicles, visual upgrades, and player-created models


As promised, War Thunder’s Direct Hit update is live in the military online action MMO, with new additions including new jets and cruisers as well as a visual upgrade thanks to new DLSS tech. “It makes the game better in all aspects,” Gaijin says.

“War Thunder also received the support of the version 2.2 of NVIDIA DLSS technology that brings high quality and high resolution graphics without sacrificing FPS performance. […] The Direct Hit update also brings realistic and better looking effects of water interacting with physical objects like bullets and shells. Ammunition storage explosions and ship fires are also updated. Aviation fans should check the new look of the iconic B-17 bomber planes. The number of polygons on the updated models tripled, and the textures became 4 times larger.”

The patch notes that there are now expanded maps that mix ground and air battles, including Breslau and Spaceport, the latter of which is a spinoff of the April Fools’ Day event map. And here’s a fun bit for MMO fans: Gaijin has a content program that allows players to develop models for the game in exchange for a cut of the revenue; the two new models from this program entered the game with this update.

Source: Press release
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