Aion NA’s producer hypes up the arrival of new updates coming to retail and classic in a letter

That horn is now +7

While it’s still only September, the producer for Aion in North America has plenty to write about. The letter in question is mostly about recent developments for the MMORPG, including the consolidation of servers, the game’s 12th anniversary, and the release of Aion Classic to the west in June.

Naturally, there are tidbits in the letter about what’s coming next for the game, starting with the 8.0 update for Aion Retail, which is bringing the new zone Apsaranta, the Oath system, and a level cap increase to 85. The letter also points to update 1.5 coming to Aion Classic, which opens the Dark Poeta instance and the Daevanian quests for level 50 players and promises some quality-of-life changes that differ from the original release.

Retail’s update 8.0 has no release window yet, but players can expect more details in the following weeks, while Classic’s update 1.5 is due to arrive sometime next month, prefaced by some XP boosting events.


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