Uncharted Waters Online hopes to boost visibility with its ‘first’ official trailer


It’s safe to say that Uncharted Waters Online isn’t the name that’s on every MMO player’s lips. The quirky seafaring title has labored in obscurity for many years now under several different owners, most recently Papaya with a 2017 relaunch. Getting eyes on the game’s been a challenge for the current owners, so any excuse to celebrate is one that Papaya is going to take.

So how about the game’s first official trailer? Of course, it’s not anything of the sort, but rather the first trailer that Papaya has put out on the game’s quiet YouTube channel. In any case, we’ll share it with you because it’s a decent overview of what Uncharted Waters Online offers, from world-spanning adventures to ship customization.

Have you played UWO? What were your impressions? Leave us a note in the comments!

Source: YouTube

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