Meet the Japanese esports team that’s composed of players age 66 to 73


If you think that the twitch motor control and quick thinking of esports play means that people of a certain age are out of their depth, then you might want to reconsider that line of thinking when you check out the story of the Matagi Snipers, an esports team from Japan whose members all range in age between 66 and 73 years old.

Twenty-one potential players signed up to try out for the team, but only eight made the cut, selected for their gaming aptitude despite the fact that many of them haven’t played video games before. The team was created as a way to prove that esports could be played by anyone, according to the team’s mission statement, as run through Google Translate:

“Instead of simply ending esports for the elderly in areas such as ‘health’ or ‘ending of dementia,’ we want to make ‘an existence that is highly regarded by grandchildren.’ By aiming for this, we would like to lead to the development of a cross-generational local community.”

The team is currently practicing three times a week and looks to make its debut this October via livestreaming. The team is also seeking to enter — and win — esports tournaments, though what games the team will try out for aren’t outlined yet. A team Twitch channel and YouTube channel are planned soon, but those who want to cheer the Snipers on can follow along on Twitter if they’re so inclined.

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