Meridian 59 unleashes blood red skies and utter chaos for Halloween


If you’re looking for a calm and sedate Halloween experience in an MMORPG this year, we would not advise a trip over to Meridian 59. That’s because this classic MMO is flipping the switch on Halloween weekend to bring chaos and death to the world.

“The skies will turn blood red as the world comes to an end and Qor takes hold over all of Meridian,” the team announced. “All rooms other than inns will be made full combat — players will be fully equipped with everything their character needs to defend and destroy during the event. Death won’t have consequence, don’t be afraid — get out there and PvP like Qor intended.”

During this time, players can also beat up monsters for special gifts. Meridian 59 promised that everything will revert back to a peaceful state of being after the Reign of Blood Frenzy event concludes.

Source: Twitter

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Bree Royce
Bree Royce

Hey folks – we have clear rules about advertising links to rogue servers for live MMOs (or advertising alternate servers or competing servers or whatever), and we have clear rules about personal attacks, trolling, sockpuppetry and hassling our staff, which includes circumventing our reporting features to demand moderation or the closure of this thread. Our comments are not the place for some granular community proxy war.

Gerald Keener

“However, it is plagued by one administrator that has taken over the game.”

I must say that I and many others that play on the server supervised by this administrator can with conviction state that he has not “Taken over the game.”
He supports it, improves it, and lives it. That is not taking over. It is superior customer service. Part of Mayhems duties is to monitor game play to insure that there is a safe on line experience delivered and he delivers it.
The Team is all of us that love and populate this game and the bulk of us stand by and support our administrator.
There appears to be a coordinated effort to attack this individual by a group that does not have the games interest in mind and appear to only cause chaos.
The players here are unified against this band of griefers and like me are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore.
The event that is going on this weekend is going to be a great event and we will be there to enjoy it and support our administrator Mayhem in order to show we are proud to be part of this official server as founded by the two brothers so many years ago.

josh johnston

Unfortunately Gerald Keener is incorrect on ALL counts.

However, out of fear I will be punished for saying anything more, I cannot elaborate. I suggest you to do your own research on the matter.


Great old school game. Best PVP and satisfying to build. Unparalleled connection with your character. Good community – if anyone is ever on anymore. Simple yet surprisingly complex.

However, it is plagued by one administrator that has taken over the game. Even the senior administrator has quit over his “struggles”. There is no “team”, so one can only wonder where this statement came from. The negative impact from this individual alone has caused a splintering of servers.

Please understand: This is NOT a troll post. This is simply letting people know that if they choose to play on the official server, they choose to do so at their own peril.

Note to staff here: There’s a gold mine of real journalism buried out there on this game. You really need to contact the plethora of passionate players on other servers for the real scoops. You have a good line of articles of “this is why we can’t have nice things”. The epitome of that sentiment is right here.