Meridian 59 unleashes blood red skies and utter chaos for Halloween


If you’re looking for a calm and sedate Halloween experience in an MMORPG this year, we would not advise a trip over to Meridian 59. That’s because this classic MMO is flipping the switch on Halloween weekend to bring chaos and death to the world.

“The skies will turn blood red as the world comes to an end and Qor takes hold over all of Meridian,” the team announced. “All rooms other than inns will be made full combat — players will be fully equipped with everything their character needs to defend and destroy during the event. Death won’t have consequence, don’t be afraid — get out there and PvP like Qor intended.”

During this time, players can also beat up monsters for special gifts. Meridian 59 promised that everything will revert back to a peaceful state of being after the Reign of Blood Frenzy event concludes.

Source: Twitter
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