Revelation Online rolls out Demonic War update (with some trick-or-treating on the side)


Hey, look who’s come alive this month! It’s Revelation Online, that’s who! Please stop saying, “What’s a Revelation Online?” because you sound like a doofus. You know what it is. It’s that… that game. That pretty game. That pretty game that now has both an update and a seasonal promotion for you to check out.

[AL:Rev]With many tremendous flourishes, NetEase is proud to announce that the Denomic War update has arrived (now with 55% more demons). The content brings back an improved City of the Demon Gods dungeon, a new elemental guild raid, and plenty of additional cosmetics and combat flairs.

And if you can tear your eyes away from how pretty you look, you might want to check out a Halloween promotion that’s running from now through November 5th. Every hour, you can head over to the website to go trick-or-treating on your account. Good luck getting treats!

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