Gamigo’s mystery MMO narrative hits its final chapter, promises more news to be revealed soon


At the beginning of November, Gamigo started its teasing of a new MMO with a series of narrative tales, painting a picture of a grim world with demons flooding the land and people desperate to fight back to the point they would summon gods to the realm. The results of that plea are outlined in the narrative’s final chapter, and to put it plainly, the druids called forth a magical reset button.

The story talks about the protagonist and Secrum’s witnessing of a ritual that calls forth a massive dome of light and strikes of lightning, rending the realm into something new entirely in an event referred to as the Fracture. The story then jumps forward to an indeterminate length of time, where people have managed to rebuild and recover, gathering items to fight against corruption and hunting demons that spill from rifts in the skys.

This, presumably, is the time period in which this new MMORPG will take place, and while it’s once again lore-heavy, there are a couple of potential game beats one could probably glean from the final chapter, referring to the crafting of a weapon, some sliver of power within a crafted piece, and the aforementioned demon arrival. The video further closes with a promise of “more news to be revealed soon.”

source: YouTube
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