Starbase addresses playerbase size concerns, brings corpse looting and furniture painting updates to PTU


“Is Starbase dead?” That was the question asked by developer Frozenbyte as part of a dev vlog last month, as followers of the game cite concerns with a rapidly declining player head count. You can likely guess the video’s answer, but even so, the response strikes as refreshingly honest.

“We know that there isn’t quite that much to do in the game right now, and we know that lots of players are just waiting to come back when we add more content such as station sieges. So if you feel like you don’t want to log in to the game right now, that’s OK, we understand, and the game will still be there when you feel like it again.”

The video otherwise offers up some smaller updates that were added to the PTU over the course of last month, including the addition of player characters dropping boxes of loot, the ability to paint furniture items in two different colors, and a visualization of thrusters in build mode to help players better plan where all that hot space fuel being burnt is pointing at. An additional PTU update also added a few minor updates to easy build mode, inventory, and several new ships. The video also offered a look at updates to ship repairs that are currently in the works.

sources: YouTube, Steam
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