Runes of Magic holds a week-long reprise of its winter events


If you were too busy huffing eggnog, speed unwrapping presents, or decking the halls in poison ivy to get around to Runes of Magic’s holiday events this year, then there’s some good news coming your way. But perhaps you should put some cortisone on that rash, because it’s reallly not getting better.

Runes of Magic announced that it’s bringing back its winter events for a week-long reprise that will take place from January 20th through the 27th. During this time period, players will enjoy a 300% bump to XP and TP as well as a 200% bonus to drops.

“While Owenstein and his friends come with new exciting exchanges, Tina and her friends will help you transmute your Peak Experience Orbs to normal experience,” Gameforge said.

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