Battlefield 2042 eyes F2P in desperation while rascally zombies break the game


Whether it be from the living or the dead, Battlefield 2042 can’t seem to catch a break these days.

The latest iteration of this long-running franchise has struggled to attain sales numbers and a player critical mass comparable to other Battlefield games on the market. Reportedly, EA is considering a free-to-play mode for part of the game, although specifics are not yet available on how this would work.

Battlefield 2042’s Steam numbers have plummeted since its release late last year.

Even the fan-favorite zombie mode from the franchise, which recently debuted in 2042, hurt more than it helped. Apparently the zombie mode offered an XP farm that the devs didn’t intend, and so the studio yanked it before players could have too much fun. Or something.

“I’m not going to lie, this one shouldn’t have gotten through our review process,” said Senior Design Director Justin Wiebe. “I think our desire to create a fun zombies mode clouded our ability to see such a simple thing like the impact it would have on progression. I’m very sorry for the hardship this has caused.”

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