Conan Exiles will reduce the number of official servers on PC and PlayStation in favor of private servers


Most of the time, when there’s an announcement of a game shrinking its servers, it’s often taken as a sign of bad news. In the case of Conan Exiles, that’s not necessarily the case: The survival sandbox has unveiled plans to shrink the number of official servers for PC and PlayStation, but it’s because most people are enjoying the game on player-run servers.

“While activity in the game is higher than ever (outside of those crazy release months), several official servers see few players online during any given week. Less than a handful players on a server doesn’t provide the experience they were created for, especially when a server is essentially someone’s solo game. Hence why we will consolidate onto fewer servers.”

The number of servers being taken offline will vary based on combinations of factors like platform, region, mode, and map, but the devs estimate roughly one third of the official servers will go dark. Player characters will be transferred without any other necessary steps whether they’re active or not, but everyone will be moving to a starting area. Timing for these server closures was also not specified, but a list of servers and dates as well as an in-game alert on affected servers will be shared soon.

Peppered throughout the announcement is the mention of “exciting stuff” that the devs aren’t able to discuss currently, which incidentally may mean more official servers will need to be opened (or closed) in the future. For the time being, know that your Exile’s land might be shutting off if you’re on PC or PlayStation.

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