Star Conflict starts a new multi-stage event that rewards a new spaceship in the Way of the Warrior update


It’s time to take part in the latest event of space-based MMO Star Conflict. So long as you pay for access to it, of course: The Way of the Warrior update went live earlier this week, and it brings with it another multi-stage event that players will once more have to pay for a pass to experience. That said, paying for said pass does bring a unique reward in the form of a new combat ship: the Jericho command fighter “Kirishima.”

The Kirishima is built with defense in mind and is designed to delay the advance of enemy fleets with a force shield, a mine-setter, and an energy absorber that can drain energy away from nearby enemies. The first stage of the event has 41 levels to earn, with special parts needed to craft the Kirishima along with various other goodies like titles, portraits, materials, and more. Part one will run for three months.

The update also makes some changes to ship parts that can be traded among players and squashes some bugs. Full details on the new patch as well as the rewards waiting at every level of the event are found in the update notes.

sources: press release, official site
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