Runes of Magic is celebrating its 13th birthday with a creepy clown


If you’re fairly new to the MMORPG genre, you might not realize that Runewaker’s Runes of Magic was once a core MMO, and it was one of the bigger free-to-play MMOs before free-to-play became the standard for the genre. We even ran a column on the game for a while back when it launched in the long long ago. And we do mean the long long ago, as the game actually turned 13 years old last weekend, an event that came and went without notice until now.

Publisher Gameforge announced this morning that it’ll be celebrating the birthday with a “serious party” in the form of the traditional anniversary festival. The devs even hired a creepy clown, as alluded to in the title: “Start the quest series in Thunderhoof Hills where a strange clown would like to have a talk with you. Fulfill the tasks and get rewarded with special prizes for your deeds!”

If you’re freaked out by the whole talking to strange clowns thing, you can at least log in and pick up your 13th anniversary present, which is basically a free random gacha box that could include anything from inks and runes to a permanent minipet.

Happy birthday, ROM!

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