SMITE’s latest update has a birthday celebration, a chibi robot battle pass, and a Heavenly Light event


Looking for some events in SMITE? How about three of them? That’s part of the MOBA’s most recent update, kicking off a Heavenly Light event, a battle pass event with chibi bot versions of certain characters, and a birthday celebration.

The headlining attraction is the Heavenly Light event, which features a number of skins that can be both earned and purchased along with quest lines to complete. The top prize in this event is a unique Queen of Cards skin for the shapeshifting Izanami, but we’re kind of partial to the rubber hose toon-style Baron Samedi skin pictured above. This event is set to run for four months.

The other events going on in the patch include a new battle pass that turns Hades, Ymir, Cupid, and Thoth into adorable chibi bots, while the game’s birthday event lets players earn some community crafted avatars, jump stamps, and global emotes. The patch further makes a usual round of updates, bug fixes, and item and hero tweaks.

If you’re eager for more SMITE, make sure you tune in to OPTV this coming Friday, March 25th, at at 8:00 p.m. EDT when MJ will be playing the game live.

sources: press release, official site
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