The Elder Scrolls Online gets foolish with the returning Jester’s Festival on March 31


It’s not precisely April Fools’ day, but the event returning to Elder Scrolls Online is near enough to the date and involves jesters and foolishness, so it’s just as good. It’s the return of the Jeseter’s Festival, which is making its way to the MMORPG this coming Thursday, March 31st.

Like other events in ESO, this one involves players taking on dailies for reward boxes filled with thematic rewards like cosmetics, confetti, revelry pies, and a new Cadwell’s Surprise Box memento and Second Seed style outfit pages. There’s also the usual tickets to earn that can be spent on things like Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet fragments and Scales of Akatosh skin fragments. Finally, the Crown Store is offering up a truly distinct pet: a cat dressed like Cadwell.

The foolish festivities will run between March 31st and April 7th, so players should prepare for the preposterous.

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