The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO April Fools’ Day gag from past years?

Welcome to Massively Overpawered!


Yes, that subtitle is telling the truth! Massively Overpowered has been bought out by a blogging conglomerate and will be rebranding into Massively Overpawered, your home for all the MMO news you could want and all the cute animal content you could also want! We’re not entirely sure why there’s an overlap there, but we are assured by our new overlords that this isĀ absolutely vital, and quite frankly my contract stipulates I get a nice share of the buyout money, so I do not care. So keep your eyes open for all the cute animal videos in our posts today as we begin our transition!

What else is happening today? Oh, right, April Fools’ Day! That’s totally unrelated to that prior announcement. This is when a whole lot of sites make various jokes up for the day, and who doesn’t love that? We sure do, and we’ll be posting our roundup of all the best ones from today later this morning. In the meantime… what’s your favorite gag that you’ve seen from past years? What MMO-related joke stood out as being the funniest bit of snark to your sensibilities?

Yes, it’s true! MassivelyOP is now Massively Overpawered, bringing you all the important MMO news you could ask for along with cute animal videos that have nothing to do with the news! Well, some of them might have something to do with it. MMOs add cute pets sometimes. The important thing is gawking at cute videos! Let’s focus on that instead of getting bogged down in details.

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