Allods Online details revamps to the Melting Isle PvP area and collects questions for an upcoming Q&A


Experienced players of Allods Online are very likely familiar with the PvP zone known as the Melting Isle, and very likely for all of the wrong reasons, as by the developers’ own admission it was an area that was filled with unintended functions like players forming zergs to dominate the zone. With the game’s upcoming Gates of Worlds update, however, the zone is getting some revamps in order to make it work as intended.

For one thing, players will not be able to form groups, making the entire area an FFA zone and hiding player character names with a Treasure Hunter placeholder name. Mounts in the area will also see their speeds reduced, and there will be collectable effects that provide either passive boons or single-use skills to encourage movement around the map.

Chest mechanics are getting retooled as well, with chests taking 10 minutes to thaw and therefore open, more chest spawn points being added, chest spawns not showing up on the minimap, and negative effects for those who hoard chests like encumberance for carrying to many chests and the thaw timer resetting with every treasure chest nabbed.

In other Allods news, the devs began asking players to join in a dev Q&A on Discord, opening up a special channel to gather up questions. That channel has since been closed as the team is now assembling questions and preparing to hand out those promised answers sometime soon. Fans of the MMO will want to join the Discord if they want to see those answers immediately.

sources: official site (1, 2), Discord
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