US Senator Ted Cruz and Asmongold could have a meeting over gaming microtransaction legislation

May foulness attend thee.

It’s said that politics makes for strange bedfellows, and there appears to be no better illustration of that axiom than the potential meeting between US Senator Ted Cruz and livestreamer Asmongold, who appear to be headed for a “roundtable meeting” to discuss creating new legislation against pay-to-win microtransactions.

Last week, Asmongold said he had “made contact” with Cruz’s office to discuss the possibility of making microtransactions of this kind illegal, and when asked about the matter by a viewer of the streamer, Cruz replied that he was “happy to engage in a conversation” and further talked about his own experience with gaming MTX, though he additionally warned that governmental involvement or federal-level changes might not be possible.

“I’m open to hearing arguments on this. I’d like to not see kids exploited and harmed, and so I’d be interested in his views,” Cruz is quoted as saying.

In addition, a chief officer for Asmongold’s org One True King says that talks between the streamer and the senator are on track to become a possibility, though no other details are being shared.

This isn’t the first time US leadership has pretended to care about corralling gaming monetization: There’s been a fair bit of noisemaking and rabble-rousing, and multiple attempts to introduce legislation, which – as we suspected at the time – went nowhere.

source: DOT Esports, thanks to Smitedoctor for the tip!
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