Champions Online’s newest event asks players to fight an invasion of literal nightmares


You would think that the physical embodiments of nightmares would know better than to attack a metropolis full of superpowered beings, but that’s not the case with a new event now available to players of Champions Online, which is pretty lucky for those players because otherwise they’d be missing out on some goodies.

The Nightmare Invasion runs between now and Thursday, August 18th, and asks players to take up missions from a mysterious new NPC known as Golden Seraph. These missions are for characters that are level 10 and up, and requires teams of between three and five players.

Those who take on the event will get a new chest piece as a reward and may learn more about this invading force. There’s also some thematically appropriate new cosmetics in the game’s event store as well. If all of that sounds of interest to you, then you’d better get to it. These nightmares aren’t defeating themselves, you know.

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