Zenith’s next update will introduce event quests to earn new cosmetics


Taking on event quests, raking in event currency, and cashing it in for unique cosmetic looks: It’s a system nearly as old as MMORPGs themselves, and it’s coming to Zenith in an update due this week. Bar any deployment delays, at least.

This new minor patch has already shared its notes from last week’s PTR round, outlining the new Neowear cosmetics that players will be able to chase. Buying these new looks is a matter of completing event quests granted by an NPC hiding in a city alleyway (not suspicious at all), completing those quests to earn Neowear Coins, and then using those coins to get the pretty new outfits.

The patch also addresses several bugs and makes some general improvements like the addition of a confirmation prompt before quitting a guild, shorter respawn times in instances, full body haptics support, and the shuffling of an in-game referral page’s location.

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