World of Warships brings back the Puerto Rico, adds more British ships, and marks Brazil’s independence


If you’re a World of Warships player who missed the chance to put together the American Tier X Puerto Rico cruiser in the Dockyard, then the game’s latest update should make you happy as the Dockyard – and the chance to put together the ship in question – is back once more.

Players who took part in similar Dockyard events like the one to get the Huron will find this process familiar: Players will need to complete 40 stages of construction before being awarded with the ship, as well as a port slot, a commander with 10 skill points, and a commemorative flag. Those who already have a Puerto Rico assembled will receive a certificate that can be redeemed for doubloons, steel, or research points to purchase another Tier X ship.

WOWS is celebrating 200 years of Brazilian independence by giving out a Tier V Rio de Janeiro battleship, camoflauge, the port of Rio de Janeiro, and a commemorative flag. The patch additionally features new battle camera improvements, several more British battleships arriving to early access, and changes to submarines and matchmaking. Full details await on the website, while the video below offers a synopsis.

sources: press release, official site
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