Wolcen Lords of Mayhem adds controller support, promises chapter 4 is on the horizon


If you’re like me and you despise click-to-move controls in ARPGs, then you’ll probably fall quickly in love with the latest patch to Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, which has finally added controller support at long last.

Naturally, this new control setup brings new UI updates designed for controller navigation, but there are other UI updates that improve the character info screen, condense several cosmetic types into one menu, add auto-sort functions to inventories, and introduce categorized icons for skill modifiers. Additional updates such as controller button re-mapping, controller templates, and rumble options are expected in later updates.

Speaking of later updates, the devs of the multiplayer ARPG have confirmed their work on chapter 4. Information about this upcoming chapter’s features as well as its launch date are still under wraps, but the post is promising that it “has been uniquely designed for replayability and will offer something for players who value narrative and players who value endgame.”

source: Steam (1, 2). This post was edited after publication to swap the word “season” for the more accurate “chapter.”
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