Altair Breaker is a multiplayer co-op VR swordfighting title arriving to Quest headsets and PC VR August 18


Speaking from personal experience, I think swordfighting games in VR are as natural a combination as peanut butter and jelly. If you feel the same way, then you might be interested to hear about Altair Breaker, a new co-op multiplayer game that lets teams of four hack and slash their way through sword-swinging, bullet hell-firing robot foes.

“The game takes place in an aerial city located in the VR world called Altair, where AI was created in the past to help and develop singularity-like creatures. Once a group of islands covered in a sea of clouds, most of the islands have collapsed to this day. Now they are nothing but ruins floating in the void inhabited by LAWS, the experimental battle AIs left behind and free to wander around. Players are guided by the humanoid AI Stella who observes and manages this land, and are challenged to fight against the vicious LAWS.”

Altair Breaker touts high-speed sword combat with various maneuvers that are only possible in VR such as blow-ups, aerial combos, and special moves. The game is set to release on the Meta Quest 2 and PC VR via Steam and will allow players on both platforms to match up with each other through cross-play. The game lands on Thursday, August 18th; interested players can check out some videos of it in action below the break.

source: press release
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