Population counts for Apex Legends rise to a new high in spite of an attempted player-run protest

I blew things up!

Coordinating a game’s community to protest issues with a title has got to be challenging, but the story of one such effort by players of Apex Legends has blown up so spectacularly that it actually did the adverse of what was intended: It raised the game’s population instead of dented it.

One disgruntled player on the game’s subreddit suggested that people take a day off from the shooter in order to call attention to several issues including high ping, cosmetics prices, and the lack of cross-progression among other bugbears. The rallying cry picked up a great deal of steam on Reddit and soon transformed into its own hashtag, #NoApexAugust.

Unfortunately for players hoping to spark change and grab the attention of Respawn Entertainment and EA, the game instead hit a new all-time peak on Steam alone as player headcounts on the platform leaped up significantly from July, which was already seeing a pretty good ramp-up as the month of August started. Unfortunately, it would appear that this attempt at coordinating a strike did not go so well.

sources: Reddit, Steam Charts, and Twitter via Kotaku
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