Nightingale’s new video series kicks off with a look at the inspiration and setting of its world


At this point, it’s becoming a given that Nightingale loves it some videos, and we’re all being reminded of the fact with the debut of a new video series known as Nightingale Journal. In this first episode, players are being given a look at the things that inspired the Victorian and steampunk themes of the survival sandbox’s world.

The primary inspiration noted by the devs is the book Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, which is about two wizards living in Napoleonic times who rediscover magic and use it to change the events of history. The devs further cite the creativity and inventiveness of the Victorian era, which combined with the book’s story birthed the idea of players opening portals and exploring fantastical realms.

The video also provides a little lore dump about Nightingale’s setting, discussing the relationship between humanity and the Fae, how things went sour, and the titular central city that serves as the primary house for magical study. For those interested in hearing and seeing more about Nightingale’s whole deal, the video awaits below the break.

source: YouTube
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