Mortal Online 2 is holding a player tournament for in-game currency and unique items


A special event is kicking off tomorrow, December 1st, in Mortal Online 2 in the form of the Second Tournament of Tindrem, a single elimination event that sees up to 64 teams of two duke it out in matched combat for “glory, renown, and reward,” some of which is being furnished by the playerbase.

Tournament combatants are being given strict rules that include no horses, no combat pets, no healing items, and steel weapons at best, though certain magical spells and archery are allowed. Once the bracket is set, teams will duke it out in an arena and see who stands to win some big prizes including a suit of ceremonial engraved golden Draconigena Armatus armor, a rare house throne decoration as a trophy, and an even split of however much in-game currency is raised by the players, though there will be a limit on that prize if there are too many donations.

Those who want to view the action can head to the arena at Tindrem at 2:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, or they can watch the whole thing on Twitch. Meanwhile, it looks like the tournament is still seeking combatants, so there may still time to get in on the action.

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