Embers Adrift adds Exile Freehold outdoor dungeon


If one of your New Year resolutions was to jump headfirst into a tough-as-nails indie MMORPG and challenge yourself to survive in a world that wants you dead, then Embers Adrift is ready to accommodate your gleeful masochism.

In fact, the indie title put out its first content update of 2023 with a brand-new outdoor dungeon in Redshore called Exile Freehold. You’ll need to be a big higher level to venture into this area — and probably have a few friends at your side.

The patch makes some improvements to abilities, the combat log, and camera collision. Stormhaven also tinkered around with combat resists to allow for more noticeable effects: “We are adding a full resist dice roll to combat calculations hoping that it will inject a bit more life into these stats. It will also allow us to do some more interesting things with them in the future.”

Next up on the development block is a rework of “active” defenses (these being avoid, block, and parry) and a commitment to reducing the patch size.

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