Elite Dangerous lore post hints at an upcoming rise in the amount of anti-xeno weapons ships can field


If your answer to the Thargoid threat in Elite: Dangerous is to shoot them with anti-xeno weaponry, you’re already very familiar with the hard limitation that ships can equip only four of these kinds of guns at once. That restriction appears to be changing soon, if a Galnet news post yesterday is any indication.

According to the in-lore news post, Azimuth Biotech is researching how to correct earlier failings made by the Aegis multinational research initiative to integrate alien tech into human ships. “One of the inherent limitations with Aegis’s designs is the maximum number of AX weapons that a ship can be outfitted with,” the post quotes. “We seek to increase the upper limit of AX weapons a ship can utilize, and our research teams are already reporting promising results.”

The announcement has already drawn a bit of anticipation among players, with some already considering new ship loadout ideas. A personal favorite is the self-described “Type-10 pizza oven edition” fitted with weapons that overheat the ship so much that caustic damage applied by Thargoid weapons just melts off.

In other E:D news, regular players likely already noticed an adjustment in how Thargoid system capture mechanics work, as an earlier update reduced the activity required to fill system state progress bars to make keeping a system out of xeno hands a bit easier.

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