GeForce CES showcase offers extra gameplay footage from Throne and Liberty, The Day Before, and Party Animals


Normally we’re not one to highlight Nvidia talking up its GPU hardware and software features, but we’re making an exception in the case of a GeForce Beyond presentation at CES yesterday, which offered up a bunch of MMO and multiplayer game footage as part of the company’s visual tech highlights.

Among the videos offered up at the showcase are a gameplay preview from Throne and Liberty, some footage featuring DLSS support for Warhaven, another gameplay look at the post-apoc survival shooter The Day Before that also heralded a March 1st release date, and a quick snippet from multiplayer brawler Party Animals, which will utilize Nvidia’s Reflex latency lowering tech.

The gameplay footage featured in the videos below are ostensibly about GPU features and grunt, but seeing additional footage from some upcoming games in our sphere never hurts to share regardless of what GPU PC players prefer.

source: YouTube
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