The Day Before is an open-world survival MMO set in a post-zombie pandemic apocalypse


Zombies? Check. Surviving in a post-apoc world? Check. Guns to shoot? Yup. Plenty of familiar tropes are present and accounted for in the upcoming open-world MMO The Day Before, but it’s still worth a moment to cast a spotlight on the upcoming title because that’s just what we do here at MOP. Also, at least visually speaking, this one looks pretty sharp.

Allow the game’s official blurb to set the scene:

“Welcome to The Day Before, an open-world MMO survival set in a deadly, post-pandemic America overrun by flesh-hungry infected and survivors killing each other for food, weapons, and cars. You wake up alone in a world you no longer remember, setting out to find answers and the resources to survive.”

Being a survival game, players will need to scavenge this open world, checking in cars, houses, and skyscrapers for resources. The Day Before also touts combat with realistic weapons as players take on infected zombies and one another, a detailed world that can be explored using vehicles, and a central hub where players can safely communicate with one another as well as sell any found loot.

The Day Before has no release date set yet, but it does have a Steam page for those who want to wishlist it in the meantime. There’s also a gameplay preview below replete with cringe-filled dialogue between two players trying to replicate how gamers talk to one another while not sounding like they’re reading from a script.


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Nikolas Sanchez

I’m real iffy about pvp after playing Rust as a new player

The Werewookiee

This honestly just sounds like days gone but online. I agree with many others i was in for this until pvp was mentioned. Too much toxicity in pvp games especially if you work hard to get supplies and crafting materials to just get jumped by another player to take your hard work. I think this should solely be a pve game rather than pvp but with a dueling aspect. So players can choose if they want to fight or not. Then winner either takes some form of currency from the defeated player or an item as a prize.

Kim Butner Tillman

The graphics and gameplay look pretty good from what this shows. Had my attention till the PvP came up. Those games are so frustrating. Nobody wants to team up or start a group. All people want to do is kill you on site and rob your corpse. Wish somebody would come out with a new zombie apocalypse survival without PvP, but have co-op like 7 Days. Or no injury/death to other players. Force people to be nice. Maybe some of their servers could be set for this.

Professional Charlatan

This sounds like a glorified version of Sorry, or screw your friends and random strangers
over. Not everyone wants to constantly have to compete.


Was vaguely interested until I saw the PvP part.

Just once I’d like to see a PvE version of one of these. Make it fully mmo-like with settlement building and than give it give it skill trees so players can choose to specialize in gathering amongst the zombies or crafting in the settlements.

Than have each archetype depend on each others’ services. Maybe make combat skill trees be separate from crafting or gathering so you can have sort of an undead class trinity going on.

Kickstarter Donor

Unless the game world is epic in size, I cannot see how this could be enjoyable.

DayZ is bad when you get more than 15-20 people on the map, and that map is huge.

Color me skeptical as f***…

Kickstarter Donor
Richard de Leon III

…pvp…no thanks…good luck with the development.

Danny Smith

judging the devs past work that gamerspeak trailer is almost certainly entirely bullshot assets flip fodder. Coming out right after its looking like ubisoft might be wrapping up the division is interesting timing. take that look but “see player move to attack player” filler enemy ai of “infected” and you have a ripe set up for a “the culling” or “radical heights” rushed out meme-game.


Seems potentially interesting though I do wish we could get a PvE zombie MMO for once. 7 Days or State of Decay are the only two that really come close. Or Dying Light I guess which is basically Dead Island’s cooler brother that can jump off buildings and climb things like Ezio Auditore while drop kicking zombies in the face.

I’d love to see a co-op PvE MMO with zombies and level/skill-based progression. This kind of just looks like the next evolution of something like DayZ.


The FFA PvP wouldn’t be so bad in this if I could roll a small pigtailed zombie that went around “acquiring” the brains of would be griefers…

Jon Wax

First you start as human…then if you get bit you should have the option to play Zeke

Then when 75% of server is playing Zeke, ai robots should come in and wipe out everyone.

That’s how it should be


I mean, LOTRO basically tried that idea with PvsMP idea, but instituted it poorly from what I understand (I never tried it myself…but the general ‘The players vs the monsters being controlled by other players’ idea was done.).

Personally, I think they should just have it be that people have a chance to become ‘infected’ (Variable based on RNG on character creation maybe?) and can then spread it by attacking/biting others, or just by standing around people groups like the rakghoul plague on SWTOR…which wasn’t exactly ‘death’ for your character, but made you try and avoid certain people when you’d see the animations.

That way it wouldn’t be that all the humans start and there’s just one zombie, and they blow that one away and servers never get zombies started…but you also don’t just have brainless dead AI zombies that just stand around doing nothing unless you figure out their trigger. (Instead, you’d get AFK zombies who’d come back to their computers at times and notice you in their vicinity!)

That’s really the only way I’d be OK with PvP, but then they’d have to make it so zombies couldn’t outfit themselves off your corpses…so that’d remove people’s loot desires/reason to play as zombie…