Lord of the Rings Online outlines Warden and Captain class overhauls


With one of its stated goals to make sure that every class gets some manner of overhaul by the end of this year, Standing Stone Games is wasting no time monkeying about with two of Lord of the Rings Online’s iconic roles. Developer diaries for both the Captain and Warden were posted yesterday to give players a heads-up about some of the significant changes incoming.

The hybrid Captain should remain LOTRO’s biggest team player while receiving “moderate damage increase across the board.” Blue-line Cappies will be tuned to be more of a main healer, Red-lines are getting a solo stance with far more DPS than normal, and Yellow-line Captains will see only minor quality-of-life adjustments.

As for Wardens, SSG sees the biggest deficiency for the class in its lack of defensive cooldown abilities, especially for Determination builds. Gambit chains are getting more of a focus, and the class’s Assailment tree will be transformed into a non-specialization branch to support the other two specs. Other changes to the class include more normal, non-gambit skills and gradually unfolding gambit sizes as a new player levels.

Source: LOTRO, 2
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