The Sims 5 will be multiplayer – but not an MMO

Sul-sul :(


To those holding a torch of hope that The Sims 5 might be The Sims Online incarnate, Maxis has some bad news for you today. In the studio’s first “Behind The Sims” videos, Maxis said that the title will have multiplayer but won’t be a full-fledged MMO. That’s roughly what the studio had teased back at its reveal last year.

“One thing to keep in mind is that Project Rene is not an MMO,” said Game Director Grant Rodiek. “It is not this public, shared space where everything you do is always with other people.”

However, the good news is that “Project Rene,” as the title is code-named, will offer more social features than previous entries. “There are also really cool things you can do with others where you share and create with your friends,” Rodiek shared. This includes co-op decorating between small groups of players.

Don’t expect to see The Sims 5 anytime soon, as Maxis confirmed that the title is still years from completion.

Source: PC Gamer
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