World of Warcraft’s new trading post is back up but still a bit buggy

Boo, says I.

The keystone of World of Warcraft’s newest patch got off to a disappointing start, as the Trading Post immediately hit all sorts of bugs and was taken down yesterday for duct tape, WD-40, and an exorcism.

Things are looking better than yesterday, however. While everything’s not 100% operational, the Trading Post is back up and operational, offering refunds on items that people mistakenly purchased. The Trading Post is part of a new free reward system that offers a variety of cosmetics, pets, and mounts.

Blizzard did inform the community that there are a couple of persistent issues that it’s trying to lock down: “We are aware of an issue where the completion credit for activities in the Traveler’s Log is occasionally resetting. We are actively working on addressing this issue and expect to have it resolved this week. Some players who complete the Traveler’s Log are not receiving the Ash’adar mount reward immediately in their chest at the Trading Post. We aim to have this resolved this week.”

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