Star Wars: The Old Republic readies 64-bit client, inflation correction, and Galactic Season 4

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Are you ready for the ultimate power in the galaxy? No? How about a new Star Wars: The Old Republic patch then? BioWare’s cranking up its Update 7.2.1 on the test servers with several significant improvements to the game bundled within it.

The update, which is on the public test realm, includes the new 64-bit client that will take over for the old version when this arrives. Also coming with it is Galactic Season 4, which includes a new companion named Amity and the ability to use galactic season tokens to buy a stronghold on Mek-sha.

Other highlights of 7.2.1 include PvP season 2 and an effort to tamp down on the out-of-control inflation in the virtual economy: “One of our goals this year is to begin correcting some of our economic inflation. We have a couple of initiatives which will begin in 7.2.1 and expect more changes in future releases throughout the year.”

Source: SWTOR
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