PSO2 New Genesis kicks off another spring celebration and opens more limited-time questing


As the month of March continues to slide forward in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, the rest of the MMO’s March update feature set continues to unfurl this week, headlined by spring seasonal events and limited-time quests.

The world of Aelio is in springtime bloom with seasonal decor around Central City, huluing Rappys and giant Emperor Rappys appearing in the wild, and co-op trials with special characters available to play. An event NPC awaits in Central City to guide players along to rewards like eight-star Trunkul weapons that have new augments already baked in and plenty of spring cosmetics to purchase with seasonal points.

The other major piece of content for this week is the introduction of a limited-time quest at Unidentified Region A16, where players are being tasked to take on hordes of spawning enemies to earn quest points, along with a new hoverboard race course to take on known as Mediola Outer Area 2. The associated patch also tweaked a pair of Gigantix and Dread enemies, added communication blocks in each region, and applied a variety of fixes.

source: official site (1, 2)
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