NCSoft unveils a mobile and PC MMORTS codenamed Project G


NCsoft is once again entering an MMO sub-genre at an arguably later point in time, though we also have to admit that there is no great breadth of MMORTS choices out there. That may change with the reveal of Project G, an in-development title involving large-scale war between guilds for resources and territory.

The game’s reveal arrived with a pair of trailers, the first providing in-game footage from a development build and the other featuring director Minseok Seo briefing fans about the game. Players will be able to control one of four factions, wage large battles to secure objectives and take land, and customize their personal territory with decorations and important buildings to draw residents into their land.

Combat appears to be similar to combat in other RTS titles, though there are a couple of unique pieces that NCsoft hopes will make Project G stand out. First, while there will be ground units, most of the gameplay appears to be centered around controlling special dragon units or deploying anti-dragon “strategic units.” Secondly, Seo points out the MMO aspect of the game that will try to bring a social wrinkle as players form up to face threats together.

Release timing for this game isn’t outlined yet, but considering the videos produced by NCsoft are in Korean with English subtitles, a global release seems all but assured. Those videos can be seen below the break.

sources: NCsoft website, YouTube (1, 2)
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