EVE Online changes the rules for factional warfare in latest update

Ships, but they fight.

The cutthroat nature of EVE Online means that sometimes you might have to choose between the player corporation you want to work for and the faction you want to fight for. At least, it did mean that. Things have changed a bit with the game’s most recent update allowing players to choose the factions they fight for more directly. Sure, you can still join a militia corp and join up with a faction that way, but players can also now individually enlist with a given faction freely. Corp leaders can still forbid enlisting with other factions if they want to, however, but if not, you’ll have to find time in between blowing up each other’s keepstars in knock-down, drag-out multi-way coalition fights to do it.

This all goes together with a new faction war starting up as all core factions are seeking to better utilize Triglavian technologies. Gallente is starting from behind and has a whole lot of tech to steal just to catch up, while the other three factions are stealing from one another and mining out separate tech sites. It’s a good old-fashioned war between people who all want something no one is willing to give away; catch up on the happenings before deciding where to personally stake your claim, which you can do of your own volition now, just as soon as, you know, the actual coalition war wraps up.

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