New World’s new video suggests season passes should take around 50 hours to complete


The latest edition of New World’s Forged in Aeternum dev vlog is all about the game’s upcoming seasonal monetization and cadence. Amazon creative director David Verfaillie, along with Patrick Smedley and Phil Bolus, grants an overview of the first season, Fellowship and Fire, which is set to launch next week on March 28th and is currently available for testing right now. Our own Vitae Aeternum columnist deep-dived the content at its first reveal, but Amazon’s new video is a good quick walkthrough of what to expect, focusing on the monetization and progression.

Amazon specifically stresses that the seasons will launch quarterly; the studio wants players to think of seasons as free updates that have free progression passes and also have a paid premium cosmetic battlepass as an extra option. In fact, players can progress along the paid track without paying, though they won’t get the rewards until they pony up – the idea here is that you could wait until the very end of the season to pay in and reap all those rewards. And of course, there’s no pay-to-win in the paid track, and the Bingo-like “activity card” should ideally allow players to blast through their passes engaging with a wide variety of gameplay types, with an estimated 50 hours of gameplay to finish it out.

The whole walkthrough is below.

Source: YouTube
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