Lord of the Rings Online opens up paid transfers from its legendary worlds


Lord of the Rings Online players looking to hop off the crazy carousel ride of its two existing legendary worlds (i.e., progression servers) now have a way to do that before these shards come to an end of their run.

Standing Stone Games announced on Friday that it was opening up paid transfers from both Shadowfax and Treebeard to the regular worlds. It’s not a cheap option, however. A single character transfer will set you back 2495 LOTRO Points — or about $25 — so it’s not something to be done lightly.

A few pieces of advice before you pull the trigger on a transfer. First, characters from the old Anor and Ithil servers can still transfer completely free; these paid transfers are only for the two currently operating legendary worlds. Second, Shadowfax will likely wrap up its run this summer and offer free transfers at that time, so waiting might be the most frugal strategy. And third, at Treebeard’s slower pace, that server won’t be finished until 2026 or beyond, so a transfer from there makes more sense if you’re looking to do it sooner.

Source: LOTRO
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