The rabbits are out to get you in New World (and vice-versa)


The rabbits are coming to get you in New World, Barbara — so you best get out your biggest carrot and pray for the best.

Starting on April 12th, the Rabbit’s Revenge event returns to Amazon’s MMO, bringing out a veritable plague of lupis until the 25th. Players are kindly asked to drop their normal activities to cull the field of corrupted bunnies and will be paid handsomely for their efforts. If nothing else, it’s worth doing the event to kill 400 rabbits and earn a guaranteed housing item and mask.

Amazon said that it adjusted the event based on last year’s run so that RNG didn’t have the final say: “Thanks to player feedback from last year, each rare drop is now guaranteed after slaying a certain number of corrupted rabbits. They can drop Diamond Gypsum, Defiled Rabbit’s feet (increases luck), a Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare, and a new Corrupted Rabbit Mask.”

Source: New World
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