Lord of the Rings Online walks back some of its monster buffs


Last week’s small Lord of the Rings Online patch had a big effect on several quarters of the game, as SSG increased monster health and damage mitigation. This was done on a sliding scale, with higher-level mobs receiving the biggest buff.

Predictably, few players were happy to face off against meatier damage sponges, and it looks as though the studio agrees with this assessment. SSG announced this week that it was walking back some — but not all — of the mob buffs.

“We have taken some steps today to adjust the mitigations and morale increases that debuted with Update 35.0.1,” said the devs. “These adjustments are now in effect on the live game worlds. The mitigation increase is being rolled back to pre-update numbers, and the morale increase is being lowered from +25% to +15%. We will continue to look into game balance in the future.”

Source: LOTRO
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