Zenith’s Skyward Summit update launches May 11 as Ramen holds back Cyber Ninja’s subclasses


Ramen VR has been teasing Zenith’s Skyward Summit patch for what seems like months now, and we’ve finally got a formal launch date: May 11th. “This patch will introduce a plethora of new features, including the Cyber Ninja class, new lifeskills, a new area to explore, PvP, player housing, updated combat and physics systems, and much more,” the studio says. One thing that won’t make it in? The Cyber Ninja’s subclasses and roles. They’ve been postponed.

“We have been working on the Cyber Ninja class for some time now, and we’ve decided to focus on polishing and refining the DPS spec as much as possible before introducing other subclasses/roles. Our goal is to make this class feel as good as possible, with fluid and responsive gameplay, good visual effects, and a unique set of skills and abilities that capture the essence of what we want this class to be. We understand that some of you may be disappointed that we are not introducing all of the Cyber Ninja subclasses/roles in 1.3, but we want to ensure that each one receives the same level of attention and care as the DPS spec. We are still in the prototyping discussions for the other subclasses, and we will keep you updated on our progress.”

A prelaunch event for the patch began last night:

Source: Twitter
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