Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis continues celebrating two years with free lootboxes, boost event, and quests


The two-year anniversary for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is continuing to roll out this month as the second half of the festivities bring boosts, freebies, and other events to commemorate the MMO’s second year of operation.

The highlight of this second half of the event is the free handout of two anniversary-themed AC Scratch Tickets a day from now until June 6th. These lootboxes are dished out to players who have a battle power of at least 1682 and who have completed any four daily tasks, while goodies awaiting in these boxes include unique cosmetic items, a sit emote, and a weapon pose.

The event also has a third round of limited-time tasks for players to take on for Star Gems and Mesata, along with a boost in certain drop rates for the limited-time quest A Wasteland Interception. Finally, the game is holding a “character election” where players can vote for their favorite NPC, with the winner being commemorated with a special in-game item made in their likeness. There are other ongoing activities still running for the anniversary on top, so players would do well to check the event schedule for all of the salient timing details.

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