Conqueror’s Blade brings new units, new seasonal campaign, and new battle pass with the Knightfall season


Ah yes, the autumn season. The weather begins to get colder, the days get shorter, pumpkin spice dusts all of the food and drink, and knights fall out of the trees… wait, that last one can’t be right? Oh wait, that’s the season’s turn in Conqueror’s Blade as the Knightfall season has started.

As one might expect given the season’s name, Knightfall introduces three new knightly units that players can unlock: the three-star Schutzdieners medieval archers, the four-star sword-and-shield Kriegsbruders cavalry unit, and the five-star Zweihanders that bring the eponymous two-handed sword to bear. As with prior seasons, these units can be unlocked as players complete seasonal challenges.

The new season also brings with it the latest seasonal campaign that tasks players with clearing weekly objectives in the Borderlands or Ostaria, the expected battle pass with free and premium goodies to chase, and a wide assortment of launch events. It’s not quite the autumnal seasonal goodness one might expect, but considering this multiplayer tactical warfare title, we’d say it certainly tracks.

sources: press release, official site
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