Black Desert PC’s season server will become a permanent fixture on September 20


If you’re the sort of person who always misses the boat when the PC version of Black Desert opens a seasonal server (i.e., you’re me), then next week has some great news, as Pearl Abyss will be making the season server a regular feature starting September 20th.

Entering the season server will require players to have a season character ticket, which will be “distributed regularly” by logging in, with the first ticket being handed out after September 20th maintenance. The only other caveat is that players can only have one seasonal character at a time, so those who want to have another character hop into the season server will have to graduate an existing seasonal character.

On the subject of graduation, that can happen anytime as well so long as the associated character has grown enough. The graduation system is also being simplified, as all Tuvala gear will automatically change into regular gear when graduation occurs. Season rewards that were previously available from challenges, quests, and other sources will now be in a season pass. There are some other matters that those in the summer season server will want to be aware of, which are covered in an FAQ and a separate portion of the announcement.

Finally, BDO will introduce a “tagging” mechanic that lets players hot swap between two different regular characters, with both characters earning the same amount of XP as they go. Tagging does have some restrictions, such as a minimum level of seven for both characters, the requirement of having both characters in the same town, and the inability to tag in certain activities like node and conquest wars. It’s not related to the 24/7 season server, but it is another way for players to keep multiple characters growing.

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