Wayfinder releases inventory patch and teases its next playable character, Grendel


Even though it’s still in early access, Wayfinder looks to be establishing a growth pattern that it wants to take into launch and beyond. The online RPG announced that the upcoming Season 2 will add a new playable mercenary, Grendel.

The feral giant wields a massive two-handed sword and smashes, shatters, and pulverizes any enemies in his way. Grendel will be instantly available to anyone who outright buys the Founder’s Season 2 pass; it can also be earned through gameplay by everyone.

Meanwhile, Wayfinder is working over the weekend to deploy a new patch with a ton of improvements, fixes, and the Echo Dust feature. “Inventory patch is live! Please check out ⁠Wayfinder ⁠patch-notes for the full list of changes, including the xp boosts to hunts and mini bosses, bug fixes for 2-handed weapons skins and tons of crash fixes,” the devs wrote on Discord.

Source: Twitter
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