Fae Farm applies a patch full of more fixes and relationship progress adjustments


The cozy multiplayer RPG Fae Farm isn’t seeing any new content in its latest patch. What it is doing, however, is applying a long list of fixes to building relationships in-game and to a wide assortment of other matters, so there are still some things that fans will probably want to note.

As one might expect, a lot of the fixes applied this update are very specific, addressing honeycomb placement in storage, respawn weirdness, tool upgrades not being possible due to their incorrect placement (apparently), quest progress, and keybind misbehavior, among other things.

A large part of the patch deals with earning relationship points with NPCs, which now will stop being earned until players take their chosen paramour out on a date. The adjustment shouldn’t upset players’ relationship progression, but the notes do point out that that those who have stockpiled a lot of points prior to the patch will very likely see multiple date mail messages in a row.

Finally on the multiplayer side of things, the game fixes more bugs related to joining a session, items disappearing into the ether when moving them from storage or crafting stations, jumping and diving animations, and friend request notifications. It might not be new playable content, but what is here tries to iron out a whole lot of wrinkles and should make dating Pyria much more consistent. Date Pyria. She is best disaster girl.

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