New World’s latest video talks balancing, the vision for healers, and heal nerfs


Have you been dealing with client crashes in New World since the patch this week? Blame it on the rapier and blunderbuss: According to Amazon, two skills from those weapon lines were causing the problem and have been disabled temporarily until a fix is live. “We acknowledge the impact on certain playstyles and builds, but this is was determined to be the fastest and safest way to swiftly restore overall client stability,” the team wrote last night.

In other New World news, creative director David Verfaillie sat for another Forged in Aeternum video last night to answer 15 minutes’ worth of questions from players on game balance. He kicks it off by discussing how the team goes about its balance decisions, saying that in the past, the team has been slow to react and sometimes allowed the meta to become “too stale,” so the team has been trying to move faster – which has an impact on changes to things like Shrinking Heals, which Verfaillie admits probably went overboard. He also addresses the studio’s overall vision for healers (a solid “save the group” class fantasy with proper balance of counters and risk, with capabilities for self-sustaining). The whole video is tucked down below.

Source: YouTube, Twitter
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