Lord of the Rings Online adds more quests and missions to Corsairs of Umbar

Plus Yuletide Festival prep


Just when you think you’ve got a corsair cornered and out of options, he’ll surprise you with a trick or two up his sleeve. The struggle against the titular Corsairs of Umbar isn’t over in Lord of the Rings Online, as today’s Update 38.1 added more quests and a new batch of 10 missions for the recent expansion.

Standing Stone Games instructed players to head to the Hunter’s Expedition Camp for the quests and to the Bloody Eagle Tavern in Umbar to access the missions. The studio said that it’s also upgraded delving rewards to spit out level 150 gear.

Meanwhile, the Yuletide Festival returns to the game tomorrow. In preparation for that, Update 38.1 activated this month’s batch of Yuletide Hobbit Gifts. This time around, these daily gifts include new pets, decor, and greater amounts of virtue XP.

Source: LOTRO
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